Cybersecurity and IT security

Cybersecurity and IT security do share similarities; they do also create maximum protection and efficiency when combined.  Despite similarities, there are key differences that distinguish the two.

Here’s a brief difference between the two.

IT Security

  • Protects electronic and physical data
  • Secures information for confidentiality, integrity and availability
  • Protects against a more defined threat
  • Protects against more channels
  • Focuses on access, integrity and confidentially of information


  • Protects electronic data only
  • Protects valuable and vulnerable information from unauthorized access, hacking etc.
  • Protects against a more extensive threat – all of cyberspace
  • Protects against one area – cyberspace
  • Focuses on the protection of the intranet, channels, servers and networks allowing only those permitted to have access

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