Google Maps will soon roll out an incognito mode on mobile so people can stop the app from tracking where it goes.

The feature is one of Google’s most popular on its browser, Chrome, and will now be added to the navigation app. There’s no date yet for the public release but the feature is being trialled on a small number of users.

It will be a boon for users who value the control over their privacy but a user will sacrifice their saved locations or personalised maps if they switch it on.

Google first announced in May that it would add the undercover mode for the Maps app, Digital Trends reported.

Using maps normally means people have to manually delete their user history if they want to get rid of it from the drop-down menu in the app.

Otherwise, the phone stores a list of places they’ve searched for recently – under headings ‘yesterday’ and ‘this week’, for example.

In incognito mode, which can be switched on or off in the app’s settings, a black bar will appear across the top of the screen and the moving dot of the user will also be black, instead of blue.

Google won’t save your browsing history, update your location history or use any of your personal data to customise the map while incognito is turned on. Incognito mode won’t, however, stop other apps from tracking where people go – this must be controlled by location services in the phone’s general settings

Source: Daily Mail