Security researcher successfully Jailbreak the latest version of iOS 12.4 by taking advantage of the unpatched vulnerability that has been already fixed by Apple, and the Jailbreak creates an easy way to hack any vulnerable iPhone and iPad.

Apple accidentally unpatched the vulnerability that has already patched in last Apple security update released in July and the bug was reported by a Google security expert.

Pwn20wnd (Twitter name), a security researcher who has publicly released a free jailbreak code on Github for a currently up-to-date version of iPhone 12.4.

This unpatched vulnerability not only allows to Jailbreak iOS 12.4 but it also making current versions of iOS vulnerable to hackers, and exploit the device.

Jailbreak the iPhone let you unlocking a device to install whatever you want on it which allows hackers and exploit brokers can sell it for millions of dollars but the researcher now publicly release jailbreak code on GitHub will notify to Apple to quickly patch the vulnerability.

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