Average download speeds in Doha are 50 percent slower than in the UAE but rank among the fastest in the GCC, according to a newly relaunched tracking tool.

The Guardian newspaper’s “download deathmatch” application lets visitors compare the amount of time it takes to load a high-resolution photo or share a short video online.

It shows that Internet users in Qatar experience the second-fastest internet speeds in the Gulf.

Based on data collected over the past 30 days by network diagnostic firm Ookla – which offers the popular Speedtest application – Qatar internet users experienced an average download speed of 10.54 megabits per second (Mbps), ranking it 67th among 118 countries.

To put that in context, that means it would take 3.8 seconds to download a five-megabyte file, such as a large photo. By comparison, the same file would take 2.53 seconds in the UAE.

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