Apple users are under threat from an iPhone scam that sees them urged to call a number and pay up to £50 or $80 for a fix – or all their details will be stolen, it can be revealed.

The issue – which appears to have been affecting users in the US for at least nine months but has since spread to Britain – sees a ‘crash report’ message pop up while users are on the Safari internet app.

The message appearing on the screen says: ‘Warning iOS Crash Report – Due to a third party application in your phone, iOS crashed. Contact support for an immediate fix.’

Users are then told to call one of a list of numbers – ‘1-800-480-4170’ in the US or ‘0800 279 6211’ or ‘0800 652 4895’ in the UK – and someone will then ask for their credit card details to make a payment to solve the issue.

The person answering the phone says a third party has been removing all their details from their handset – and this can only be stopped by paying up to £30 ($47) in Britain, or $80 (£51) in the US.

However, all they would be doing it handing their credit card details to the conmen.

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