For many of us, Google storage is the modern-day hard drive. It’s the place where our most important thoughts, documents, and memories reside. But just like with a traditional hard drive, the space isn’t infinite, and running out of room can be a real problem. Sources recently found out a way to clear out the clutter on Google Drive without dropping a dime.

  • Delete drive debris
    • To do this, open this link, which will show you a list of all of your Drive files sorted by size with the largest items at the top.
    • Look through the biggest offenders, and delete anything you no longer need.
    • Click the gear-shaped icon in Drive’s upper-right corner, and select “Settings,” followed by “Manage Apps.”
    • For any apps that have a note about hidden data, click the gray “Options” box to the right, and select “Delete hidden app data.”
    • Open your Drive Trash folder, click the word “Trash” at the top of the page, and select the “Empty trash” option.
  • Free up photo storage
  • Say goodbye to Gmail junk

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Source: The Verge