ITQ in association with the admins at When, Where and How in Doha Facebook page are proud to announce the launch of the website.

The website draws on the knowledge of the 43 000 + existing Facebook members to answer questions about Qatar ranging from everyday “where can I find?” questions to complex processes such as “How do I get my RP?” and loads more.

The website has a strong emphasis on helping others through the various volunteer organisations that will be listed and also has a light hearted approach on many other day to day issues. The aim is to be informative and entertaining through both factual articles and personal experience articles.

“The philosophy of WWHiDoha is pretty simple really. If you have a question about life in Doha or Qatar in general and don’t know where to find the answers… ask on the group page and 90% of the time you’ll get an answer that’s relevant, correct and useful. We don’t have adverts clogging up the page, we try to keep those spam posts and annoying individuals away from posting too.

When we began in February 2014 membership was slow to take off….. for about a week…. and then people we didn’t know but were friends of friends asked to join, soon we had a thousand people all helping each other out with those silly little questions on Doha life. Telling people about little titbits of information that they had found out about life in this city. The page grew and grew to over 8,000 people by mid-2014, and then by April 2015 to over 16,000 members. Claire and I were just blown away that this simple idea of just trying to help each other out had caught on

We went from 16,000 in April 2015, to 18,000 in June, 21,000 in July and by early August we approved the 25,000th member to the page. Just incredible! Membership continues to grow and we are now over 42,000 heading for 50,000 by the end of 2016. Our statistics show that we go up another 1000 people every 18 days! That’s an average of nearly 60 new members each and every day!!”

Link to page: