So the day has arrived when Macs are also being directly attacked by ransomware.

Gone are the days when using a Mac with no anti-virus was an acceptable option. With the growth and popularity of the MAC O/S comes the threat from cyber criminals who use ransomware to extort money from users.

Ransomware is a malicious program that silently sits on your computer and then encrypts all your files – and there are only 2 ways to recover:

  • Pay the ransom
  • Hope your IT team is up to scratch and that you have backups that can be restored

We recently dealt with a ransomware attack on one of our major clients – one of the users’ computers was infected by ransomware and before it was noticed it had encrypted all their work files. Of more concern is that they were using a cloud based data sharing program which means that the entire company had their critical work files encrypted!

Fortunately with the assistance of the the cloud data company and diligent work by our staff we were able to restore the entire structure – but it did cause the loss of an entire days output.

The lessons from this are: Firstly – Protect yourself with a good anti-virus program – We are ESET Security partners and we consider ESET one of our top rated security products for local protection.

Secondly- Backups! Make sure you have a good offsite backup system in place. We have our own product that we recommend to our clients called ITQStore which provides continuous offsite backups to our Tier IV data centers.

Third- Don’t be complacent!  We have dealt with an increasing number of not just PC but Mac malware infections! If your computer is acting unusually then get it checked before its too late!