Microsoft is making a cheaper version of its Surface Pro 3 tablet computer in an effort to appeal to students and budget-conscious families.

The new Surface 3 has a slightly smaller 10.8inch screen, but will run a full version of Windows.

Microsoft hopes it will be able to replace a traditional laptop for many buyers, and help it fend off Apple’s iPad and Macbook laptops.

‘As we planned the next addition to the Surface family, the questions to answer for our customers became simple,’ said Panos Panay of Microsoft.

‘What product would we build to be sure we could make the very best of what we built in Surface Pro 3 available to many, many more people?

‘We started with what we’re known for — a great tablet that works as a laptop, the ability to run all Windows apps including full Office, and a pen experience that really sets Surface apart.

‘We knew we would offer all of this in a more affordable package but decided at the outset that we would make no compromise on maintaining the beautiful fit and finish, the craftsmanship that so many love in our Surface products.’

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