Flash drives or USB caters individuals in many aspects specially to store data. However, with the perspective of security, these USB drives could prove to be vulnerable to your devices.

According to findings, the USB manufacturers do not protect the firmware in USB devices and therefore, a malware could likely overwrite the firmware and could take over the device’s control.

A USB could act maliciously in three ways as predicted:

  1. A device could falsely act as a keyboard and issues its own commands to the control system for a malicious act such as to install malware or to steal files.
  2. Another way it could be damaging is when the USB device pretends to be a network card. Eventually, it changes the computer’s “Domain name system” and directs you to insert a URL for a website to secretly redirect your traffic.
  3. These external hard disks or thumb drive could infect the computers more when they intervene at the boot stage prior than the action of antivirus.

There are precautions that could help you avoid these potential threats. Here are some practices to secure your devices from USB virus and vulnerabilities.

  • Avoid using an unknown flash drive
  • Encrypt your flash drive
  • Install an Antivirus software
  • Password protect your USB

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