Microsoft waved the white flag of surrender to its web browser

Microsoft's announcement earlier this month that it was dumping its own browser technology for Google's - turning Edge into a [...]

Happy Qatar National Day!

Happy Qatar National Day from the ITQ team!

Saipem servers suffer cyber attack in the Middle East

The Italian oil-services company Saipem SpA is still assessing the scope and impact of a cyberattack that targeted its servers [...]

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Increase of Cyber Attacks on Educational Institutions

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This modern keyboard is a blast from the past

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Qataris among the most digitally connected citizens in Arab region, says new study

In the modern world which we live in, one cannot even think of a life without Internet and social media. [...]

Tips to protect yourself against cybercrime

Here's few tips on how your can protect yourself from cybercrimes: Think before you share Cyberattacks are not just random [...]

Facebook reveals security incident affecting 50 million users

Facebook has discovered a massive security breach affecting 50 million user accounts - including those of Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg [...]

How To Check If Your Twitter Account Has Been Hacked

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