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Business Class Email

Business class email addresses refers to the website after the “@” sign.

What do you think looks more professional, or It’s quite obvious that the more professional email address is the first one. Companies and organisations around the world have email addresses connected to their company for many reasons, one of the important ones being control. Having an email address linked to a domain registered to your company allows for much more control over certain settings and security. ITQ uses only well-known and respected service providers to maintain email addresses for our clients. We are able to directly change settings and then request programmable changes directly from the service provider. The advantage of this is that they are responsible for keeping the email domain active and handle any kind of maintenance required, reducing the amount of downtime to close to zero.

Another important point is brand recognition. If you have your company name in your email address your company looks more professional and therefore will get a better response from recipients. Your email address is important because it is generally the main form of communication between businesses.

By taking advantage of ITQ’s services you are able to automatically remove Spam, create black lists for people you no longer wish to be able to contact you, automatically assign signatures to your employees email addresses and much more. Get in touch and let us give you the power to control your main form of business communication.

Business Class Emails

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We try our best to update our service to include the latest requirements from companies around Qatar. A combined effort from our team allow us to stay on top of new progressions within the country. Get in touch if you have any questions.
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