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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the most defining technological advancements of this generation. It has allowed people from all around the world to share files, backup data from one country to another on secure servers, communicate with employees around the world and much more.

Cloud services require the internet to function which can be difficult in certain regions due to the limited amount of connection but also because of limited available upload and download speeds. ITQ have tested lots of different services and software to find out which ones are least taxing on different networks and which ones require the least amount of internet usage.

One of ITQ’s primary focus areas is to make a business easier to manage but also making things easier for employees to work. Cloud computing allows us to do this with very minimal training to our clients members of staff. In the past small and medium sized businesses were unable to take advantage of cloud computing since the costs were very high but in recent year’s technology has advanced creating the opportunity for everyone to take advantage of the cloud.

Lots of the software and services we provide can be linked to a cloud and our clients reap the benefits. Contact us so we can bring a new generation of business management to your company.

Cloud Computing

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We try our best to update our service to include the latest requirements from companies around Qatar. A combined effort from our team allow us to stay on top of new progressions within the country. Get in touch if you have any questions.
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