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Data Backups (ITQstore)

Backing up data should be a company’s main priority due to the significance of information. All IT professionals know that hard drives fail, it is inevitable, but even though hard drives fail there are ways to ensure that no data is lost. Equipment such as NAS drives combined with a RAID 5 Array (A setup that includes a minimum of 3 hard drives connected to one another via the NAS drive) ensures that even if a single drive failed, the information would be recreated from the remaining drives onto a new hard drive put in the place of the failed one. This is just one way of backing up data and requires you to have the equipment physically in place but another option, which is becoming more widely used, is by using a cloud server.

Setting up a backup to the cloud is something we have dealt with for multiple clientsand we have created a system that is not only fast but reliable. The cloud stores your information on a server that is connected to the internet, from there you can access it from anywhere making it incredibly useful for people travelling around the country or world.

Did you know that 40-60% of SME’s never reopen after a massive data crash? Don’t be part of that percentile; let ITQ ensure that your data is safe.

Data Backup

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