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Data Sharing

Sharing data is important when working with a team of people or coordinating efforts with a joint venture because it can greatly limit workflow and create downtime if files are not readily available between employees. The solutions ITQ have in place for sharing our clients data have been tested for years and can handle data sharing between countless people. Due to the fact that data is one of the most valuable parts of most businesses it is important to keep it safe and secure. The services we use are encrypted up to a military grade level ensuring that all the data passed between the service providers is safe.

Data sharing is something that needs to be monitored and certain people should only have access to certain folders. With the software ITQ uses, we are able to configure each person’s settings to restrict them from certain information. This is important because you don’t want every employee to have access to account information for example.

One of the biggest mistakes we see are people handing over dozens of CD’s with months’ worth of data on them. This is risky for multiple reasons like the fact someone could steal it and there would be nothing in place to stop them from having access to everything on them. In addition transferring that information will take a long time and increase down time of anyone involved with that work.

Whether you are using Egnyte, Dropbox, Sharepoint, Box or any other cloud based solution – we can help!

Let us share our professional data management techniques with you.

Data Sharing

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