Size really DOESN’T matter: Tiny Qatar, Luxembourg and Singapore are the three richest countries in the world

Three of the world's smallest states have been named as the richest countries in a new study. Qatar, Luxembourg and [...]

Update your Skype now: Users discover a simple code that can crash your account

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Self-driving SUPERCAR: Audi unveils electric R8 e-tron that reaches 60mph in 3.9 seconds

It boasts two electric motors, can go 0 to 60mph in under four seconds and can reach a top speed [...]

Windows 10 is here: Microsoft finally launches ‘last version’ of its OS

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Beware the TEXT message that can crash your phone: Malicious SMS causes handsets to freeze and reboot

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Microsoft reveals new low cost Surface 3 to take on Apple’s iPad and Macbook

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Is YOUR Uber account at risk? Thousands of details are being sold on the dark web

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Google Play overhauls store: Firm cracks down on ‘bad’ apps with new age ratings and a human screening process

Google Play apps will now be scrutinised by Google reviewers and come with age-based content ratings, the company has revealed. [...]

How to show you REALLY like something on Facebook: Firm now lets users send money via messenger app

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Pi day is almost here! Saturday is the one day each year that matches up with π

Saturday is the day when love of math and a hankering for pastry come full circle. The date is 3-14-15, [...]