A new report by The Intercept details a stunning heist made by US and UK spies that have given intelligence agencies the ability to break through the privacy of smartphone communications. An operation by the GCHQ, the UK’s signals intelligence agency and a counterpart of the US National Security Agency, targeted Gemalto: a major manufacturer of the SIM cards used in mobile phones around the world. The report claims that the NSA and GCHQ successfully hacked Gemalto’s network and obtain the secret keys to its SIM cards. In short, it’s a massive security breach that means your phone could be vulnerable to the whims of the world’s most powerful spy agencies.

We still don’t know the full scope of the breach or how many people may be affected, but it’s safe to say that the number could be significant; all four major US carriers are customers of Gemalto. We have asked the carriers — AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint — to comment on The Intercept’s story.

Today’s report is the latest revelation to come from the files leaked by Edward Snowden.

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