Google tells users to update the browser immediately due to a disruptive bug in which hackers could hijack your computer using a flaw in the browser that lets them install malware without you knowing.

A security breach was uncovered by hackers on the desktop version of Chrome before the company had chance to spot the flaw. The exploit relates to a part of Chrome called FileReader, which lets software built into websites access data stored on a user’s computer.

Google has not released any further details on the bug, to avoid giving copycats information on how to find a workaround to their fix. The fact that Google didn’t detect the bug themselves meant that Chrome browsers were ‘actively under attack’ before a fix could be released. Delays like this give hackers a head start and leave users’ systems vulnerable before an update is installed.
Experts say that the bug may have let hackers hijack computers remotely. Google’s lead security engineer Justin Schuh writing on Twitter, warned users: ‘Seriously update your Chrome installs… like right this minute.’

Users can update their version of Chrome by selecting the Help option from the browser’s menu bar and then the About Google Chrome option.

Source: DailyMail