So we received the Steam Link and Controller over the festive period for “testing” purposes (at least that what we are telling people!)

So what is it

Its a surprisingly small box that connects from your PC over your network to your TV (in full HD!) and allows you to play the games from your Steam account – So all the games you purchased to play over the years on Steam are now available on your TV.

How is this different from PlayStation and Xbox?

Steam Link depends on your computer to play the games so the better computer you have, the better your Link experience. This also means that you don’t have to worry about your old games not working when you purchase a new console- if it works on your PC it works on Link. You can upgrade your computer and your gaming experience gets better!

What other advantages does Link have?

  • Amount of games available – as of  September 2015 there are over 6000 and increasing on an almost daily basis!
  • Ease of purchase and use- buy a game and download it immediately to play
  • Use it on various computers- you can have it on a number of computers at the same time – so you can have a work PC with it installed and a home PC
  • Loads more platforms – use it on PC, Mac and Linux Machines


So after playing testing Steam Link- our thoughts

We loved it – we definitely need more time to test it!